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Jul 22, 2005
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Here is my current desktop. I think it looks quite well compared to the default settings. (For anyone wondering why my Start button looks funky, its because I'm using Start10 temporarily)


Share yours :)

If anyone is wondering this wallpaper is from interfacelift — wallpapers, icons, themes, and iOS apps
Hi Guys

I'm late to the party but after seeing pnamajck's Honda desktop I had to add few examples of my car theme.
There are 19 cars in the theme all of them are cars that I've owned at some point in my life.

The Honda V6 6 speed coupe, is my present car.
It has some tweaking to the computer and an aftermarket exhaust.

0 to 60 is in just over 5 seconds, 1/4 Mile 14 seconds at 100 Mph.

The 427 Corvette I owned in the late 60 early 70s.
It looked great but was a bear to drive, all out performance, but stiff and noisy.
Great for destroying tires though.

The Austin Healey I owned for 45 years (it was my SCCA race car in the 60s) and now belongs to my nephew.

Last year It was totally restored (he had is done professionally) for the second time.
That was after this picture was taken taken.
It took a best in sports cars class at several shows last summer.




Other cars in the theme are 2 Triumph TR3s, an Avanti, and my first car, a Model A Ford 5 window coupe.

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MikeHawthorne … i've seen only one amanti in 40+ years of driving(on pavement) … yours musta' gotten its share of head-turns … there's a 1984 model being auctioned off first week in may. thanks for sharing, mike.
Nice... In a kind of 'Lewis Carroll meets Freddy' kind of way... :D
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