Windows 7 Should I use 2gb of ddr2 or 3gb of ddr2?


Jul 29, 2013
I have a computer that came with 3gb of DDR2 ram, but I was told that Operating systems don't like uneven ram, but unfortunately I never got to continue the conversation.

I will not upgrade ram since its a waste of my money which is going towards a desktop that my older brother has 8gigs that we will put in it.

I play games on the laptop and do basic browsing, am I better off with 3 or 2. Why and explain. Multiple opinions help.

EDIT* This isn't a legit support issue to me I just never understood the uneven ram stuff.

You can add another 1gb stick or RAM to it for a total of 3 gigs of RAM. My old system had 2 x 1 gb sticks and 2 x 512mb sticks for a total of 3 gigs of ram.

You may take a slight dual channel hit in performance maybe, but just try it and see for yourself.
Your best bet is to refer to you motherboard documentation it will likely explain how to populate the slots on the board with respect to one, two and or three sticks of memory and will also probably explain the whole dual channel thing.
The pro's vs. con's of two sticks vs. three sticks will likely turn up when you use the computer with the two configurations and do what you do normally day to day.

It has 2 slots, 1 ram stick is 2gb the other is 1gb.

But ill check out the manual and read about that. Anyone else have something to share with the class?

You should be Trouble stated, try it and see. As long as the Ram is the same voltage and timings.