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Windows 8 "Simple" Idea to Save "Legacy" Non-Touch Monitors and Laptops?


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Jul 22, 2005
If there is a way to create a touch screen plastic attachment ranging from 11" to 27" at first, but obviously getting larger as time goes on, transparent of course, and with adhesive to connect to existing monitor, we could use a Bluetooth or wireless attachment of some kind, or a USB connection (much like laptop cooling pads), to convert a regular monitor into a touch screen monitor. Is this technology possible? I believe it would require some kind of transparent polymer plastic that also has adhesive and touch sensing properties compatible with pre-existing touch screen monitors. I am not an engineer with that level of skill, but if you are one (or aren't), how feasible do you think this idea is, say 12-24 months from now? Because I'm pretty sure I like Windows 8, and the Start Screen, but would also like to use touch screen functionality in some areas. Because I am not proficient or even knowledgeable about the technology that powers touch screens, I do not know how feasible this invention would be. But surely, if it were even remotely possible, every basic monitor on the planet, perhaps even CRTs, could be converted?