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Ever wanted to tell your media device to just play a movie? Well now you can. Life is getting more like Star Trek every day with the advent of Skydrives new platform for Xbox users. Now you will be able to stream your films, photo's etc straight to your TV. The app also incorporates Kinect voice support so if you’re not in the mood to use a controller you can just tell the Xbox what to show.

Last month, we announced that SkyDrive usage had doubled in the last 6 months, building on the general availability of Windows 8. With the growth of Windows 8, we’re seeing more and more people choose SkyDrive as the easiest way to store and share their photos, documents, and other files.
Starting today, we’re bringing even more value to SkyDrive and Xbox customers with a new SkyDrive app for Xbox 360. This means your favorite content is now only one click away, whether you are using the web, your PC, your phone, or now, even your big screen TV.
Dan Somrack, one of our newest Program Managers, authored this post. Dan just joined us from Cornell University earlier this year and he drove the final release details of this project.
The app will be going live later today. You can expect to see it on your Xbox after 10AM PST.
- Mike Torres, Group Program Manager, SkyDrive apps
Interested in seeing what SkyDrive on Xbox can do? Check out this video that gives a quick peek at what the new SkyDrive app on Xbox 360 makes possible:


SkyDrive comes to Xbox 360: Your photos and videos on the TV
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