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Richard Myers

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My wife has had a Windows 8 laptop (basic spec for internet and other light use) for just over a year.

Recently it appears a little sluggish and not as "sharp" as it was when it was new.

I have done some basic maintenance (used CCleaner, clear temp files & dedrag'd he disk) but it still seems a little slow when starting programs or with just general browsing. Further I have checked what programs run at startup which is not excessive and nothing there gives in too much concern.

The only change I have made to the laptop in the last few months was to add a separate account for another family member. There now being two accounts on the laptop. My wife connects the slowing running to this other account although I am unsure.

Is there anything else I can do to investigate this and return the laptop to smoother running?

Thank you


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Get a copy of autoruns from here:

It does not need installing, it is just a stand alone utility.

It gives you a much more comprehensive view and more powerful control of startup activity and also gives you the option to just uncheck any item to stop it from running to test it then later uncheck it if you find it is required or permanently remove it.

Richard Myers

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Thanks - that is a very powerful tool. One I'ill be keeping and running on the other household PC's!

I do have a pet frustration about the number of "pre-installed" programs that new PC's come with and much prefer a stripped back lean machine running just what is needs to and not what manufacturer thinks you would like!



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