Windows 8 Slow Windows - Constant HD access

Matt Bachand

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Apr 5, 2013
My HD usage is almost constantly at 100% making my brand new laptop pause when typing every few seconds.

Lenovo 530

I5 w/12GB RAM
2 months old

I tried a clean retail install of windows 8 pro, and without any other installed programs problem existed.

There is no program using more that 0.1mb/sec, its just usage.

Tried clean retail install of windows 7 pro, and without any other installed programs problem existed.

I did NOT notice this at all for the first month I had my new laptop.

The only thing that ever makes it better, is if the HD is being constantly accessed by a program, such as defrag - while defrag is running, my computer never pauses and it runs smooth as it should.

Any ideas?

I tried Clean installs, turning off page file, turning off indexing. Not much is helping.

Is it a HW issue?

Thanks guys!
Sounds like it is....If you done several "clean installs" and that has fixed it, that's a good indicator it's hardware/driver related. I'd contact Lenvo and see if they can't do something for you. It should still be under warranty.
Hi Matt,

I did try to access the Lenovo website as that will be where you get your driver and bios updates. Your issue could be down to needing a bios or firmware update but the site didn't seem to want to play ball. I'd check it over if you can (I didn't have your full machine details so you might have better luck than I) but failing that it could be time to use the warranty.

Turns out the hard drive was bad.

I bought small SSD drive and not only is the acesss issue gone, but needless to say its lightning fast now.....

Thanks guys. Just wanted to post so if anyone else reads this they know what MY issue was.

solved fixed slow windows8 lenovo thinkpad e530 edge

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