Software that can create a backup from just a desktop shortcut.

What I'm looking for is software that can create backups of installed software just by right clicking a desktop shortcut and selecting 'create backup' or something like that, then the program would make a note of the install directory the shortcut is referring to, then it'll scan the HD for data files relating to that program, then a scan of the registry for any entries relating to the program, and make a note of all that,,,, then it'll make an executable EXE file of everything for that program.

This is an example of one such program that does that but instead of backup up, it uninstalls.

Everyone has heard of Revo Uninstaller right?

Say for example we want to uninstall a program called 'No good', we run Revo Uninstaller,, look for 'No Good', then double click it to uninstall it,,, but first Revo executes the uninstaller provided with 'No Good', then once the program has been uninstalled, Revo then scans the registry and the HD for any leftover files, and presents them to be manually deleted if required.

What I'm looking for is just what Revo does, but instead of uninstalling, it first shows a list of installed software, the same as Revo does, but double clicking an icon would start the backing up of that program, by first scanning the installed location, then the HD for any data files relating to that program, then a scan of the registry for any entries relating to that program, and then when all info is gathered, an EXE file is created which in a way is an installer that can re-install that program with out actually running the official installer that originally came with the program(s). Then by executing the EXE, all files and data files as well as registry entries would be returned to their original locations, as if nothing had been gone in the first place.

"Why not just run the actual installer?" I hear you ask, well, what if I can't get the original software anymore?

I remember using something like that back in win98 days, but I'm darned if I can remember what it was called.


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What you're describing is "reverse engineering" and it was a viable process in the comparatively simple days of Win 98 but the structures involved in Windows 8 for example do not lend themselves to reverse engineering.

I know what reverse engineering is and what I'm describing is not that, reverse engineering is when a piece of software is disassembled to see how it works or to reveal hidden areas, or to change it in ways that is does what it wasn't designed for,,, no, what I'm describing is NOT reverse engineering, it's just a piece of software that does just what revo uninstaller does but instead of uninstalling software, it backs up selected programs, including the install folder, data files, and dll's, and registry entries as a single exe file, which is not reverse engineering, it does this automatically, by scanning the program to be backed up, and searching for any related data files' dll's and registry entries and stores their locations ready for unpacking at a later date.

Then when that exe is executed, it returns all the files back to as if nothing happened, program files, data files, dll's, and registry entries, much the same way as windows system restore works, but in this case the programs to be backed up are manually selected.

I don't know how much more I can explain it in text, it's much better explained verbally, with visual representations.

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