[SOLVED] WMP not reading MP3 Tags

Hello There,

this evening i upgraded my Windows 7 i used for Gaming to Windows 8.1

It only had 5-6 Games installed and rarely was on the Internet, so i thought the upgrade would go fast and easy.

But since the upgrade (all updates in Windows 8.1 are already done), WMP does not read any MP3 File anymore. He just tells me "Unkown Artist, Unkwon Album" for every title...

Did Microsoft removed the Feature for MP3 Tags in WMP?

Because i also have FLAC Music, i installed WMP Tag Plus Extension and now he is able to read FLAC Extensions fine, but still no MP3 and WMP Tag Plus tells me that he doesnt want to Support it as WMP natively supports MP3 Tags

Fixed it, seems like WMP on Windows 8 (unlike on Windows 7) cant work properly with ext4 File-Systems. I used robocopy to copy the Music to an NTFS Disk and now WMP can properly read MP3 Tags

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