Some games won't run!


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I've been having trouble running quite a few games lately, which include Deus Ex: Invisible War, The Movies and Shogun: Total War. Now these games are quite old, The Movies being the most recent (2005) which may explain why they won't run, but I've had little to no problem running other older games like Starcraft and Max Payne. I've also tried to change the compatibility settings, run the game as an administrator and download any patches, but they still won't run. I don't even get an error message, the game simply won't start when I command it to. I checked to see whether the process runs at all through the task manager, and it does when I start the game, but then it simply ends after a couple of seconds. If I tweak with the compatibility settings a little the process may run for longer, but nothing happens still, other than the desktop going black and then returning to its normal state again. Do the games that don't run have anything in common? If someone could help i'd really appreciate that, thanks :)


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Forget about the total war series as it requires a secure disk and MS disabled it.Creative Assembly isn't doing much about it.This was an intended update for win 10.