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Windows 7 Some sort of assistance is required 1


New Member
Jul 24, 2013
I have windows 7 very recently installed in my Laptop . I usually download a lot of softwares from isohunt or thepiratebay etc . But immediately my Norton Internet security 2013 discovers some sort of virus ( mostly trojan in it and moves it to quarantine ) . But sometimes I have restored some of these files and added it to the exclusion list . Later when I discovered that my laptop didn't respond well , I understood that it was because of these virus and then removed it by deleting the file maually . I always run frequent scans ( Eset online scanner , superantispyware , etc )( also every time when I scan with superantispyware , i find a lot of ad-wares ) .

Now , I have got a new Internet connection in my house . With this connection my wifi is automatically not giving access to the Internet after using for a while . This is happening very frequently( it remains connected for 15 - 20 mins and then doesn't work . Immediately if I disconnect and connect back to the same network through wifi , it starts working . When it doesn't work , if I Ieave it so , it remains in the same way and never regains Internet connection back . It always requires me to disconnect and connect again ) . This is causing a lot of disturbance . At first I thought that this might be the problem of the new Internet connection . But , I am using the same Internet connection in another PC directly through wire connection ( not wifi ) . The Internet is always continuous and there is no disturbance in the PC .

So , I want to know if this problem is because my PC is infected or is there anything else .

Awaiting for your useful guidance !
You first need to determine if you are going to run with the fox or the hounds. Making regular and frequent visits to the sites you mention are guaranteed to give you constant problems with malware and at the same time you are running Norton Security to keep you free from the problems which you are inviting. I would recommend avoiding both. Downloading the sort of thing you get from many torrent sites is inviting trouble and I personally will not allow bloated nanny mentality based Norton anywhere near my systems. Between them they will cloud many issues and make debugging your communications very difficult.
You definitely need to ensure that you are malware free - download a free copy of malwarebytes from here:


After running that I would uninstall Norton (personal choice and you may wish to keep it but I dislike it's intrusive and nanny-state mentality). If you prefer to keep it I would at least disable it for testing purposes.

Once you know you are infection free and have no obstructions to your communications you can start to check for any problems and their causes.
Well, rumbling with torrent sites is actually a death game. I've done it somewhat myself, and nothing good came out of it in the - pretty much like patcooke states. Fun for a start, pure pain in the end.

If your computer is infected, and that sounds likely, a new Internet connection will not correct the situation. You see, the persistent bugs are on your hard disk, and there they stay.

I would suggest a thorough scan, preferably also with an on-line scan, to get a second view. The only definite way to get rid of infections is a zero format + re-installation = resulting in a clear disk with a new installation. But if your computer works, scans + cleaning may work.

But anyway, and this you should understand by own experience: stay out from torrent places.
No malicious items have been detected by Malwarebytes . ( I just performed a scan now ) .
As Titanic suggested, use more then one scanner. Also try running the scans in safe mode, sometimes running the scan live will miss a few bugs and running the scan in safe mode with pick them up.