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I have Win 8.1.1 Pro

1. If one upgrades Win 8 to Win 8.1 via Windows Store, the Reset and Refresh options are no longer functional.
Some one made an extensive report on that.... read this
I have to accept it because that was what happened to me when I tried reset or refresh some time ago. That was before the Update 1 install.
Image 8.png

2. Because I do system image backup once a week, I never bother to create a bootable USB or DVD.
Yesterday I did it just to clear one point.
The point is..... if I use bootable Win 8.1 USB or DVD to re-install Win 8.1 in the SAME machine, do I use Win 8 product key ? ( I upgraded Win 8 to 8.1 via Windows Store, so I don't have Win 8.1 key )
Apparently, Win 8 key is ok. My screenshot below shows my Win 8 product key. I assume that is the key I will use for re-installing. I don't need to use a generic key and then change to the real one afterwards.
Image 9.png

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Damn good question.....I'm to chicken to try. So I propose this: since you make image backups weekly, why not make a current one and try it. I'm freaking curious to find out if it works.


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What am I ?
Suicide squad ?
No way, Jose.



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My understanding of the winboot system is yes… but this is not something I've tested. Ideally you could leave the field blank since it is going back on the SAME system that key is stored in the bios and won't be asked for… more importantly adding your key should make that disc crash in any other machine so blank would appear to be the best choice.

p.s. dam good question… almost makes me want to volunteer but my laptop arrangement is too complex for this test.

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