SOS! Calling all smart people! Can this be 'translated'? resstr(0x79AC, library(shell32.dll)

Hi guys,

Playing with fire, having had some joy in forcing Windows customisations. Succesfully removed most unwanted UI elements, including homegroup and burning.

I've seen how to customize the command bar / folder band, using the reg and a resource hacker.

I'm looking at Folder 32 of the UIFile section of shell32.dll, and here's the icons, for icons/preview pane/help:

<Button3d id="atom(OverflowButton)" accessible="true" accname="resstr(0x7C01, library(shell32.dll))" accdesc="resstr(0x7C02, library(shell32.dll))" accrole="pushbutton" accdefaction="Click" active="mouseandkeyboard" layoutpos="left" tooltip="true"/>
<Button3d id="atom(HelpButton)" accdefaction="resstr(0x79AC, library(shell32.dll))" accdesc="resstr(0x79AF, library(shell32.dll))" accessible="true" accname="resstr(0x79AE, library(shell32.dll))" accrole="pushbutton" active="mouseandkeyboard" layoutpos="right" tooltip="true"/>
<Button3d id="atom(PreviewButton)" shortcut="80" accdefaction="resstr(0x79AC, library(shell32.dll))" accdesc="resstr(0x7AC0, library(shell32.dll))" accessible="true" accname="resstr(0x7ABF, library(shell32.dll))" accrole="checkbutton" active="mouseandkeyboard" tooltip="true"/>

I'd like to recycle an icon/icon space, ie change help/preview to perform 'toggle navigation pane'.

The desired command store command, @

is Windows.navpane

I know how to add the command to the command bar (adding a 'text label' command link), but is it possible to add an 'atom' for a new icon, which toggles the nav pane?

Assume the info needs translating, into the above form (in shell32.dll). Problem is, I don't know what the hex references are..

Can any smart people see any correlation between the command store info (for PreviewPane) and the UIFile info?

I see the description (toolbar: 'show the preview pane':
@shell32.dll,-31416 / accdesc="resstr(0x7AC0, library(shell32.dll)

(There doesn't appear to be an entry for the help button in the commandstore, which contradicts my thought process on 'the shell32.dll is being referenced in the registry')

I see the default action (accdefaction="resstr(0x79AC, library(shell32.dll)) but no corresponding default action in the registry...

Perhaps the name is the canonical name? (accname="resstr(0x7ABF, library(shell32.dll))

That's all I've got right now!

I'm thinking this is how shell extensions like 'Classic Explorer' achieve what they do, by enabling UI power-ups like toggle nav pane as a custom toolbar entry.... I already have a toolbar (QTTabBar's Versatile Bar), and I'd like to add extra icons.


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