SOS! Calling all smart people! Can this be 'translated'? resstr(0x79AC, library(shell32.dll)

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Software' started by Mr Jonny Hotchkiss, Dec 5, 2013.

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    Nov 2, 2013
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    Hi guys,

    Playing with fire, having had some joy in forcing Windows customisations. Succesfully removed most unwanted UI elements, including homegroup and burning.

    I've seen how to customize the command bar / folder band, using the reg and a resource hacker.

    I'm looking at Folder 32 of the UIFile section of shell32.dll, and here's the icons, for icons/preview pane/help:

    <Button3d id="atom(OverflowButton)" accessible="true" accname="resstr(0x7C01, library(shell32.dll))" accdesc="resstr(0x7C02, library(shell32.dll))" accrole="pushbutton" accdefaction="Click" active="mouseandkeyboard" layoutpos="left" tooltip="true"/>
    <Button3d id="atom(HelpButton)" accdefaction="resstr(0x79AC, library(shell32.dll))" accdesc="resstr(0x79AF, library(shell32.dll))" accessible="true" accname="resstr(0x79AE, library(shell32.dll))" accrole="pushbutton" active="mouseandkeyboard" layoutpos="right" tooltip="true"/>
    <Button3d id="atom(PreviewButton)" shortcut="80" accdefaction="resstr(0x79AC, library(shell32.dll))" accdesc="resstr(0x7AC0, library(shell32.dll))" accessible="true" accname="resstr(0x7ABF, library(shell32.dll))" accrole="checkbutton" active="mouseandkeyboard" tooltip="true"/>

    I'd like to recycle an icon/icon space, ie change help/preview to perform 'toggle navigation pane'.

    The desired command store command, @

    is Windows.navpane

    I know how to add the command to the command bar (adding a 'text label' command link), but is it possible to add an 'atom' for a new icon, which toggles the nav pane?

    Assume the info needs translating, into the above form (in shell32.dll). Problem is, I don't know what the hex references are..

    Can any smart people see any correlation between the command store info (for PreviewPane) and the UIFile info?

    I see the description (toolbar: 'show the preview pane':
    @shell32.dll,-31416 / accdesc="resstr(0x7AC0, library(shell32.dll)

    (There doesn't appear to be an entry for the help button in the commandstore, which contradicts my thought process on 'the shell32.dll is being referenced in the registry')

    I see the default action (accdefaction="resstr(0x79AC, library(shell32.dll)) but no corresponding default action in the registry...

    Perhaps the name is the canonical name? (accname="resstr(0x7ABF, library(shell32.dll))

    That's all I've got right now!

    I'm thinking this is how shell extensions like 'Classic Explorer' achieve what they do, by enabling UI power-ups like toggle nav pane as a custom toolbar entry.... I already have a toolbar (QTTabBar's Versatile Bar), and I'd like to add extra icons.


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