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Hoi, nieuwe Dell met windows 7 erop, ik heb het probleem dat ik wanneer ik de computer uit stdby haal ik geen geluid meer heb. Als ik de computer dan opnieuw opstart dan heb ik weer wel geluid en ik geloof dat ik het elke keer kwijt ben nadat de comp in stdby is geweest.
wat zou dit kunnen zijn? Ik kan bij de stdby settings niets vinden over geluid, er is geen nieuwere driver, ik heb setting een keer naar 16bit gewijzigd, maar dit stond er ook los van geloof ik. Verder geeft de volume mixer aan dat er geluid speelt (uitslag in volume schuifbalken) en dat alles correct werkt. er is niks gemute.

Ik kan helemaal niks vinden in die richting..Iemand anders misschien een idee?


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Ik kan helemaal niks vinden in die richting..Iemand anders misschien een idee?
My onboard translator from Dutch to English.
I can find entirely nothing in that direction. Someone else perhaps an idea?
Obviously, something is diffinitely being lost in the translation, how is your english, maybe we can help more if we understood better. All I could add is that if this is a laptop, then you will need to investigate all of your current power plan settings, both plugged and unplugged and see if some small tweaks may address the problem

High guys, thanks for your help, i did not know this was an anglish based forum since I read all that Dutch on it.
So yes the translations are right this far and I,ve investigated my powersettings (it is a laptop) but there,s nothing in there that addresses the sound or volumes or anything like it.
I have no clue where to look for the answer!
I tried to change to 16 bit sound setting instead of 24 but that didn´t do anything for me. Can the driver be disabled after stdby or something like that??
All the indications when playing music (when there´s no sound) are that eveything is working correct. The volume bars are indicating response of the speakers, all hardware is working correct when I do the windows problem solvintg thing etc.
There must be something that I am just overlooking....
I did not get the apology, I guess that was for someone else, I do appreciate yours help.


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have you checked the setting found in the screenshot?

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I have had the same problem described above. I can see the status indicator in playback devices bouncing up and down, but no sound is coming out of the speakers.

When this happens, I am able to get the sound back, by closing, and then reopening the application that is playing the sound. This problem is not unique to WIN 7. VISTA also had this issue.

i do have the little checkmark for the speakers on indeed....when I close and open I don´t think anything changes. It is really anoying.

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