Speakers Not Working

I have a new computer but I am using my old Dell 5.1 speakers. I am running Vista Home Premium, I have an Nvidia GeForce 9500 GT graphics card, Realteck High Definition Audio Sound (integrated) and a HP w2207h Monitor. The monitor output is HDMI or VGA. The Nvidia input is only AVI. I have a HDMI-AVI cord so I can run from HDMI on my monitor to AVI on the Nvidia. The Realteck is set to Speakers as default. If I got to set up I can set up for 5.1 surround sound. I can test all speakers (FR,FL,C,S,RR & RL) and they all work fine. If I go to play a song I only get stero (LR&RR) speakers to play. I have tried switching to VGA (have to use a VGA to AVI adapter for Nvidia Card) and the same thing happens. Why will my system test fine for 5.1 but only play stereo. My HP monitor does have its own set of speakers but I have them shut off. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Once again I was able to come up with my own resolution. I went into Realtek Audio Manager and clicked on Speaker Fill and Enable Bass Management and I was able to get sound out of all my speakers. Apparently songs from .mp3's or CD are just in stereo anyway thus I didn't hear sound coming from all the speakers. With the above settings at least sound comes from them all so I know the are working. Hope this will help the next person. :)

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