Ok so basically I have the following motherboard GA-Z68MX-UD2H-B3. The current bios is at version F5. Every time I try to flash to version F9 I get following BSOD error "Special Pool Detected Memory Corruption". I am using Gigabytes @bios flash utility.

Not really much else to say other than Win 7 is working without the flash but I would like to flash my BIOS to the most recent version. Attached is the text crash dump file.

That's about it. I have my specs updated in my profile. Oh one more thing, why does my profile show up with a UK flag and not an American one?




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We really need the actual DMP file

To enable us to assist you with your computer's BSOD symptoms, upload the contents of your "\Windows\Minidump" folder.

The procedure:

* Copy the contents of \Windows\Minidump to another (temporary) location somewhere on your machine.
* Zip up the copy.
* Attach the ZIP archive to your post using the "paperclip" (file attachments) button.
*If the files are too large please upload them to a file sharing service like "Rapidshare" and put a link to them in your reply.

To ensure minidumps are enabled:

Go to Start, in the Search Box type: sysdm.cpl, press Enter.
Under the Advanced tab, click on the Startup and Recovery Settings... button.
Ensure that Automatically restart is unchecked.
Under the Write Debugging Information header select Small memory dump (256 kB) in the dropdown box (the 256kb varies).
Ensure that the Small Dump Directory is listed as %systemroot%\Minidump.
OK your way out.
Reboot if changes have been made.

As you asked here's the zip of the crash dump directory. Tell me what you think.



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Hi Ripstar and Welcome to The Forum.

Usual causes:
Device driver, ?Memory

The vast majority of your dump files list gdrv.sys as the probable cause.
Old and incompatible drivers can and do cause issues with Windows 7, often giving false error codes. Random stop codes often indicate hardware issues.

As a Priority:

gdrv.sys Fri Mar 13 03:22:29 2009 Gigabyte Easy Saver. If you cannot update this then uninstall it. Gigabyte.

RimSerial_AMD64.sys Mon Nov 24 17:01:01 2008 Virtual Serial Port driver for Blackberry

regi.sys Mon Apr 16 16:19:10 2007 InterVideo regi.sys driver.


Rt64win7.sys Thu Jan 13 11:57:19 2011 Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller v7.046

Update Speedfan to the latest version.

Update your ESET software to the latest version.

Let us know how it goes. If you get further problems with blue screens, attach your new dump files and details and we'll move on from there.


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