speedtouch n wireless interfere.....URGENT...

i dun know the reason why it happened.but i m sure about reason.i have 2 ways to connect to my dsl,one is speedtouch thomson 330 modem n other is via my router way which is wireless.since i am living in pakistan and pak is under energy crisis so power outage happens,therefore i need to use speedtouch kind of modem which is indepent of adapter n works with laptop independent of power shortage.
ever since i had not installed speedtouch modem,wireless was working fine,without prb,just in clicks as normally it does.(i connect dsl modem to router)n laptop wifi is used.
but since i installed speedtouch modem,only speedtouch connects but it stops wireless,i mean it does not let any connectivity via wireless.
in wireless,it connects to router but not connecting to internet,n same when i connect via LAN or speedtouch,then it connects.
can anyone tell me whats exact reason.
i am using dellstudio 1737 laptop,n it has dell wireless hardware.


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It would seem that perhaps you need to change the IE8 connection settings when you want to switch devices. Take a look at the attachment, under IE8->Tools->Options->Connection Tab->try adjusting to dial whenever a network connection is not present, or try never dial and see if that helps.

Although the Speedtouch 330 is used for ADSL Broadband Internet, it does not appear on the user's computer as a LAN or High-Speed Internet Connection, but rather as a Dial-up connection. Users must therefore initiate a dial-up connection every time they want to connect in order to get onto the Internet.
The Speedtouch 330 is in fact a very basic modem, as opposed to a router modem. It can only grant connectivity to one computer at a time, and does not have any built-in features such as IP routing, a firewall, NAT, or WLAN Wireless Internet.
SOURCE: = SpeedTouch 330 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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