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Jul 24, 2012
is there a way to have the start menu's search results display all results by default, rather than initially only displaying applications, and then having to click through to settings and files?

I regularly change my sound card settings, and in vista and windows 7 i could just type "sound card" and hit enter. Now i have to type "sound card", press the down arrow twice, then press enter twice. its kind of annoying.
Hello DicerRisk,
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Not by Default, I believe, however, one of the nicest and easiest features of Windows 8, is the ability to "Pin" any app or program to the Start Screen (MetroUI) and Taskbar as well.
Once you have your "sound card" open, right click the icon or the program folder that's in the Taskbar and select "Pin to Start" and/or "Taskbar".
Pinning it to "Start" will put a Tile on the Start Screen which will allow you to open it with one click. You can also change the Tile icon by right click, select "Properties", then "Change Icon" button
Another option is while on the Start Screen (MetroUI), right click or tap at the bottom of the screen until the App Bar appears. Click or touch on the All Apps button.

Hope this helps
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