Start Screen help: Two tiles in two groups for the same program

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I started using Windows 8 for the first time today and actually like it quite a bit. I think with some tweaks, I will like it more than Windows 7 and previous versions of the OS. However, I have spent approximately an hour trying to figure out one thing.

I would like to have two tiles in two different groups for the same program. Let me provide an example for ease of understanding.

On the Start screen, I have one group titled Browsers. In it, I have tiles for multiple browsers, including Firefox. In another group, I have Work, where I have productivity applications. I would like to have the Firefox tile appear in both the Browsers group and the Work group.

Is there a way for me to accomplish this? I have tried everything I can think of and have read at least a dozen articles (fortunately, the articles taught me other useful things!).

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I'm not a Win 8 user, but I keep being surprised at things that should be simple to do that Win 7 users can't make work in Win 8. Using shortcuts seems like an obvious method that ought to work (unless Win 8 did away with them). You can have as many shortcuts as you want pointing to the same program.


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Try copying a Firefox shortcut in desktop. Then rename that to anything you want other than "Firefox" as the system may not accept 2 tiles with the same title. Then right click on the shortcut in pin it to Start screen. Then delete that shortcut from desktop and go to Start screen and move the new tile to the group you want. There maybe an easier way but there are more than one way of doing it.

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