Windows 8 Step by Step to install Win8 in dual-boot?


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Jan 30, 2013
Would it be possible to compile a list of steps for dual-booting into Win8 and Win7?

It would be amazing if the approach could be tailored for those of us who installed the Preview editions in dual-boot. :)

Someone? Anyone? There might be a batch of cookies in it for you. ;)

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If you already have the RC installed indual boot it is simply down to overwriting the RC with the retail installation (or am I missing something in your question?)
Google is your friend and if you want a party try looking on youtube...there are some very good videos on the subject.
Thank you both for the responses. I would *love* to assume that the Install will "see" the RC installation and just replace it. That would be golden! I was thinking I would need to format the partition, change the boot sequence, boot from the DVD and do the dual-boot set up.

I've googled quite a bit, and mostly what I'm finding is dual boot for the preview releases. Not so much out there for the retail version of Win8 (System Builder???).

With the preview versions, you must uninstall it in order to install the RTM or OEM versions of windows 8. Yes it has to be a clean install. If you all ready have 7 and have a partitioned drive w/8 preview, then yes you will need to format the partitioned drive and boot from DVD drive to install 8 or 8 Pro (RTM, OEM) on that partitioned drive.
It won't just "see" that partition but you can point the install process to it and format the partition before instal, so it's almost as simple as you'd love it to be.
Thanks again, both of you. It is as I suspected and I think I'm well prepared. The box should be here today. Wish me luck! :)
Well friends, it isn't going as smoothly as I would have hoped. My Toshiba laptop has a proprietary app, HWSETUP, that controls the boot order. I wrestled with this when I installed Win8 RP. I was changing the boot order in the BIOS and not getting anywhere. Googling helped me uncover the app. All good.

Sadly, the Win8 retail is chokes and brings up an error message about not being able to update the boot order and that the install cannot continue. Through trial and error, involving switching back to Win7 so I could manually alter the boot order, I finally got Win8 to run. Actually, it was the "refresh install" that I think did the trick. Did a bunch of reading and found some great troubleshooting tips on Win8 installs.

1st problem - my user info is gone - since I formatted the partition. I'm prompted to sign in as Other User, but I have no idea what the put in. When I select to use a Microsoft Account to sign in, I use my Hotmail email and password, but get the error message that I must be online to make that work. Can't get the network installed if I can't sign in though.

Assuming I can successfully create a new user, or sign in as the mysterious Other User, how would I go about deleting the windows.old and windows.old.000 folders, which are taking up GOBS of space and don't have anything I need. I backed up all of the files I needed.

I am so grateful for any advice. This is really starting to work my last nerve. ;)
First - the user account. Windows 8 has maintained the practice of having a "hidden" admin account - you can enable it by booting into safe mode (pressing F8 during startup). Run command mode as administrator and enter the command:

net user administrator /active:yes

Restart and login using the admin account. It has no password and leaving it enabled long term is a security risk and you should disable it when no longer needed (after creating the admin account you really want). Disable it using the command:

net user administrator /active:no

To deal with the windows.old problems see this guide:

How to remove Windows.old Folder in Windows 8
Sorry for the delayed response. I had quite a time with this yesterday. After trying the steps you so thoughtfully gave, I was still being prompted to log in as Other User. After struggling with it for a while, I decided to do a Reset and it finally got rid of whatever extraneous files were causing the issues. I almost started crying when I got the personalization screens in Win8.

Success! Win8 is running and I was able to install the Office 365 apps. My Wi-Fi is working and I'm tech editing away. I'll get back to the windows.old folders when I get some of these chapters off my desk.

Thanks again, so very much for all the help. This forum is a treasure!
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