'Store Exception' and 'Critical Process Died' BSOD

Hi everyone!

I stumbled upon your fine forum earlier today as I was looking for people who had the same problem and maybe a solution to my problem.

I'm currently experiencing these two BSODs when my computer is left on but idle; as in, I'll leave my computer after a long session of a video game or something (which would work fine, no issues at all with any video games or anything else), but when I leave my computer idle for anywhere between ~15 minutes to a couple hours, I'll blue screen. I have no idea why this happens.

I've so far referred to a similar thread on these forums: Unexpected Store Exception and Critical Process Died and have done the SFC scan, as well as the image scan. The SFC scan came back clean, and the other one completed and didn't show me any errors so I don't know if there were any.

So yeah, that's all, really... My Windows 10 computer bluescreens when idle, and I'll get either of those two BSODs. Recently I've been getting a lot of Store Exceptions. I've included the required files from the W7F .exe

Thanks everyone, I hope someone can help me out, I'd really really appreciate it!



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*                                                                             *
*                        Bugcheck Analysis                                    *
*                                                                             *

Use !analyze -v to get detailed debugging information.

BugCheck EF, {ffffd50b106ab780, 0, 0, 0}

ETW minidump data unavailable
Probably caused by : memory_corruption

Followup:     memory_corruption
of the two dump files included, one points to bugcheck 1A (memory management issue - possibly faulty RAM) and the other, posted above, means that a critical process died, again memory corruption was cited as a possible cause.

There could be a number of reasons why your getting these bsod's. Looking over your system support page the first thing I noticed was the large sign saying not tested for Windows 10:
no 10.JPG

Product Support | Dell UK

Unfortunately driver support stops at Windows 8.1 and as your probably aware with laptops one must use the drivers supplied by the manufacturer apart from graphics drivers.

It may simply be a case of some faulty RAM or it's your drivers.
first try removing these apps:

XtuAcpiDriver.sys Thu Feb 26 12:51:57 2015: Intel extreme tuning BIOS interface driver

ScpVBus.sys Sun May 5 22:31:26 2013: Scarlet.Crush Productions Scp Dual Shock 3 Virtual Bus Driver

If the bsod continues then you'll need to test your RAM. Windows does have a memory testing app but it can miss errors and the best app for the job is Memtest86.
If you open the link below you'll see you can run Memtest86 in two ways. You can either burn it to disk or install it onto a USB drive it's entirely up to you. You'll then need to enter the bios to change the boot order so you can boot from either the Disk or USB stick you have Memtest86 on.
You must test for at least 12 hours unless it becomes obvious there is a problem straight away.
Memtest86+ - Advanced Memory Diagnostic Tool

Post any new dump files.


Hi Kemical

Thank you so much for the response. I will try contacting the manufacturing to see if they are able to send me a factory reset disk, since I don't know how else to revert to Windows 7. Would you suggest I do that?

Before pushing into the RAM issue, this may be a stupid question, but how do I uninstall XtuAcpiDriver.sys and ScpVBus.sys? I can't find them in the uninstall app list.

With regards to the Memtest, I'll run that as soon as I notice there are still issues following the removal of those apps.



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how do I uninstall XtuAcpiDriver.sys and ScpVBus.sys
the Xtu starting driver relates to Intel(R) Extreme Tuning Utility Performance Tuning Driver which you should find in the usual place for removing applications.

ScpVbus.sys relates to a USB driver for a Xbox 360 controller see here:
XInput Wrapper for DS3 and Play.com USB Dual DS2 Controller

Again you should see something in the Programs section which is related. The above page has information on installing and uninstalling.

I will try contacting the manufacturing to see if they are able to send me a factory reset disk, since I don't know how else to revert to Windows 7.
You could try that yes as I checked to see if you had a recovery partition and it appears not.

Good luck and please post back if you need further help or with updates.

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Thanks so much! I uninstalled those two programs, and will report back if I get another BSOD.

Any idea as to why this only happens when the computer is idle?


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Any idea as to why this only happens when the computer is idle?
Hmm.. Well often issues like these usually come from when a component has to be turned on or off. This might be the same for your case but I cannot say for certain without delving much deeper into system logs ect...

Thank you for the update. Let's hope the bsod issue is sorted out but if not please post the new dump.


No BSOD so far! I THINK I can almost say this issue is solved. Will report back with a new dump if another BSOD occurs.

Now, Mr(s). Kemical, THANK YOU SO MUCH for this selfless act of help. Seriously, I was pulling my hair out for days trying to figure out why this is happening. I am extremely thankful for you help. This is such a wonderful and nice forum, do let me know if I can do anything to help :D


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Much thanks for the update, I hope it continues but if not post back..

All the best
Mr kemical... ;)

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