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  1. K

    Windows 10 Critical Process Died - BSOD

    Hello forum. I'm having a blue screen called "CRITICAL PROCESS DIED". My cat somehow crashed my PC it froze and I restarted it. Then it started giving this screen. It restarted itself afterwards and was unable to diagnose the problem. I can't repair boot, "sfc /scannow" and "chkdsk" commands...
  2. M

    Windows 10 Unexpected Store Exception and Critical Process Died

    Hello, I am using a computer a little over a year old. About a month ago I started getting the occasional BSOD, but over the past few days it has become more and more frequent. It has gotten to the point that at times I can't even open the start menu without a crash. This morning I reset to...
  3. TheForumFinder

    Windows 10 unexpected_store_exception and critical_process_died BSOD.

    Hello. I may want to ask help in the right place for the BSODs my PC has been getting lately, to the point that it happens everytime I open the computer. Everyday, whenever I would open the computer, I would end up getting one crash, either unexpected_store_exception or critical_process_died...
  4. E

    Windows 10 Unexpected Store Exception and Critical Process Died Crashes

    About a month and a half ago, my Windows 10 computer started crashing multiple times a day everyday. I've had the Win 10 update since it came out and I've tried everything that I've seen online: uninstalling my antiviruses, sfc scannow, scanning with norton, microsoft safety scanner, ccleaner...
  5. G

    Windows 10 Multiple BSOD

    Hi guys! Over the past few weeks I have been getting some BSOD, on my Lenovo with win10. During the first few weeks it was mostly "CRITICAL PROCESS DIED" and another one (but I cannot remember that one, because I thought if it was some kind of virus and that I could solve it easily with my...