Strange File Saving

I'm not sure if this is a W-7 problem, but I do not have this problem on my other XP computers.

On my W-7 computer (and my others) I use MS Works 4.5.

Anyway, when I load a word processing file (extension .wps) in Works and then save it to a DIFFERENT directory, it always appends a .doc to it. So if the file was test.wps it now becomes test.wps.doc

This will not happen if I just SAVE the file to the same directory. But when I do SaveAS to a different directory it happens. It does not do this with a spreadsheet (ie:: a .wks extension). Any ideas?



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I don't use works but I suspect that when it was installed the default "save as" file type option was set to doc. I'm sure you should be able to change this somewhere in the tools or options menu(s) in the software.


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Have a look here near the middle of the thread there are two links posted by Michael Santovec, one from Microsoft and another Registry Fix, you might give it a go. Of course back up the registry / create a restore point before applying any such fix. I don't have Works 4.5 installed so I can't test in advance for you, but it is a known issue and seems to be linked with the install of a Works to Word converter. Hope this helps.

Thanks for the thread information. It describes my problem exactly. Unfortunately, neither fix worked.


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