struggling to network with an xp


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I'm sorry, I'm an idiot, maybe if we try that with the correct ip address it may work better....
that would be
Again very sorry, my mistake.


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And referencing your issue with computer names do this
OK..on the Win 7 machine Right click computer, choose properties, in the frame called Computer name, domain, and workgroup settings, click "Change settings" click the change button in the result dialog box in the computer name box change it to something intuitive like Win7-PC and underneath that select the Workgroup radio and change that name to something also intuitive like WORKGROUP. On the XP machine do the same thing (Just Use A Different Computer Name, Like XP-PC and The Same Work Group Name Like WORKGROUP, you change this under the computer name tab on XP after right clicking on my computer


it freakin works, i can transfer files with ease, and they see each other all the time

thanks heaps trouble, you've been an epic massive gigantor help to me.

(i wish i had you in a USB drive to fix all my problems, haha)

ps, my wireless doesnt work anymore, its not because of what we were doing, i got blue screened a couple days ago, and it can see the wireless, and says its connected but nothings coming through?????


Noob Whisperer
First, you're welcome. Second thank you for hanging in and not giving up. Third sorry to hear about the new problem, maybe try to go into device manager and uninstall it and reboot, it might work, can't hurt. Also if you want to zip and upload the blue screen .dmp file I can try to take a look at it to see if we can determine the cause.

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