Windows 8 stuck on shutting down screen for over 8 hours


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My computer is stuck on shutting down screen for several hours now and if I do a hard shutdown with the power button and restart it comes on with same screen. I even unplugged for a couple hours but same results. I did no new installs or anything else before this problem and first time this happened. I have anti-virus running all the time for viruses and am very careful about that. Hope someone can help. Thanks.
I called Microsoft support and got the problem fixed. They had me unplug the power cord and the ethernet from the back of the computer and then hold down power button and plug in the power cord at same time. This worked and allowed me to re-start normally.
Hi Peter,

apologies that your post wasn't answered in time. Also thank you for updating your thread.

That's interesting, I never head of doing that, so we all learn something.