Insider Preview System Account confusion or Windows 10 normal?


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When I was trying to download an App from the store, I was told I needed to sign into a Microsoft Account. So I checked my User info and noticed the indications in the attachment.

If I am on a Local account, why is the "Disconnect my Microsoft account" there? Has Windows 10 changed how this works or is this a glitch?



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Not sure why you got the message, if you are signed in with your MS account, but, have a look in the Settings - account. You may need ti verify it with your prearranged code. (It will actually say, if needed, something like "verify. this account.".)


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I think something may be going on regarding on being logged in on just a Local or just a Microsoft account. Possibly some type of Hybrid log on which allows the system to be on a Microsoft account all the time. When I tried to choose the Disconnect option, it would only let me disconnect using a user name other than my local user.

There is also the entry below that area which refers to "App and website accounts" which describes itself as "Cloud Experience Host". The two areas may interact in some manner. That entry can be removed, but I have not attempted that yet.


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