Windows 10 system locks up

ok I loaded windows 10 and all was working fine then I received an update and every time I want to play a game or surf the internet the computer locks up and the only way to recover is to hit the reset button.
this got so bad that I fully removed windows 10 and reinstalled windows 8 to get rid of the problem. I will not even consider reinstalling 10 until I am sure this will not happen again. And yes I installed all of the windows 10 drivers for my system. and verified they were installed before removing 10.


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What is the make/model of the computer you loaded the Win10 upgrade on? And what was the Windows version that originally came on that computer? Was this computer one you built? (Custom-rig), or an OEM computer (Dell, HP, Acer, ASUS, etc.)?

Did you run the Win10 Upgrade Assistant prior to installing the Win10 on this computer first? It's purpose is to look for incompatible hardware such as older external hard drives, outdated peripherals such as older printers, as well as outdated drivers. What websites did you use to download the Win10 drivers for your computer? Did you use the manufacturer's website for OEM(Dell, HP, Acer, ASUS, etc.), or the Motherboard manufacturer's website for the Motherboard drivers if it's a self-built PC? We see these kinds of problems all the time, when folks use free programs such as Driver Booster2 or Driver Finder to install these drivers. These never work correctly, and usually make your computer worse rather than better.

Lastly, what year was your Computer built in-you cannot install Win10 on any computer built prior to 2006. So, without providing us more information, we cannot tell you why your Win10 did not work. But, many of us here have Win10 installed on multiple systems as I have done; I have it on 2 machines so far. I did one where you simply download & install the Win10 via the Internet, and the 2nd computer I used the ISO file & creation tool from DVD.

How exactly did you perform the Win10 install on your computer? Did you click the system tray widget where you reserve the Win10 upgrade and then download it onto your existing computer (Win8)? Or did you download the ISO file using Microsoft's download tool and install from DVD or USB? Once again, lack of information about your install process is making this more difficult.


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