System reverts to use Proxy on start up

My apologizes if this question was answered, I did a search with no success. I recently purchased a new Toshiba laptop and it came loaded with Symantec. I uninstalled Symantec and today used the Symantec removal tool. The system consistently resets the Proxy setting to on after each reboot or shut down. I thought this was a result of Symantec, now I wonder if I was wrong.
Does anyone have any ideas that might help, I am getting quite tired of turning the proxy setting off every time I restart my system.


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How are you "turning it off" - Internet properties, connection, LAN settings then un-checking the option to use a proxy server?

One way is through the control panel, internet options, configure proxy server, lan setting and deselecting "use a proxy server for your lan"
The other is through the "metro" style settings, network, proxy and turning off "manual proxy setup"
I have also gone in to Internet options for IE and Firefox to make certain those setting are causing the problem.

I found an additional piece of software, safe browser or something like that. I uninstalled it and have had no issues since. Fingers crossed!

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