System trying to load Esopjafo.dat file on startup

I had some malware on my laptop (Windows 7 Home Premium) which I removed. I also stopped some things like Skype loading automatically. But when I do a start up the system is trying to load the following file - c:\program data\EsopInfo\Esopjafo.dat. I've no idea what this is and can't find any references on the web.


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Sounds like a leftover from your malware cleanup. Get a copy of autoruns free from here:

Use it to identify the registry entry which is trying to run c:\program data\EsopInfo\Esopjafo.dat on startup and delete it.

Thanks for your suggestions. I looked again in start up and found it was hiding in a Microsoft start up item. I disabled it and deleted the entry from the Registry. Seems ok now !

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