Take Ownership, Permisions,Remove Folder/ File Locks, On All in non system Drive


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My last suggestion is take the drive and format it on another Windows 7 computer, test it on that computer to see if it reads normally, without permission issues, (write some files to it, and see if you can read them with no problems), and then plug it into your computer and see what happens.

If you can read it normally on your computer then you will know that your computer is screwing it up when you format it some how.

If you can't read it then you know that the problem is in how your computer sees the drive even when it is set up normally, and readable by another computer.

Unless it's a hardware issue in your computer, and I don't know of any that would cause a problem like this it has to be in you Windows install and how it is configured somehow.

if that's the case I'd format a partition on your computer and do a clean install of Windows 7 with the default permissions set up.

At least that would give you someplace to start.

I have to repeat, what you are seeing isn't a normal Windows 7 issue or someone else here would have posted some suggestions.
As you can see there have been over 900 views of this topic.

I've never seen this and I've was a beta tester for Windows 7 and thought I'd seen every thing that could possibly go wrong.

You never did say why you have 3 copies of Windows 7 installed on the same computer?
I still think that may be causing some kind of conflict.


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