TalkTalk Broadband Won't Work With Windows 7

I got a new acer laptop very reccently and today I tried to connect to the internet. On our main house computer we have a Packerd Bell that's Windows Vista and it connects fine to TalkTalk (It's a wired connection). So tonight when I put in the installation disc into my laptop to install talktalk it wouldn't install because the disc only supports Windows 2000, XP and Vista. So I rang the help line and ask for a disc that supports Windows 7 but I was told there was none and something about my modem not being able to support Windows 7, is this true? Cos I can't really afford a new one right now. Could anyone please help me? Thanks so much if you can.

My neighbour has the same problem, her touchspeed modem will not connect to the internet on the new laptop using Windows 7. She is awaiting a response to her email sent to talktalk. She has bought a Dell Inspiron laptop. We have also tried to put the older laptop using Vista and the new one using Win 7 onto a Belking G wireless router. I am going to try my modem on her system for both laptops. Why can't it be simple?

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