Task Bar By Date/Time

I have these problem and I am not quite sure to understand how do delete short cut.
Close By:
power Icon
Called Desktop:
Shows allot software Installed

How can I delete short cut, please?
I can post Image if needed to.
Thank you for you help



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Normal way would be .... right click at the desktop shortcut > click Delete.

I don't understand the first half of what you wrote.
What is........
"Close By:
power Icon
Called Desktop:
Shows allot software Installed"

What does that have to do with your Title : Taskbar by Date/Time ?

Mind to elaborate?

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Can you see, Image I have posted?
Thank you for your response!



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With the exception of Desktop, the rest of them are NOT shortcuts. Those are system trays icons and they cannot be deleted. They can be "hidden", but WHY would anyone want to do that ?

You can remove Desktop icon. Follow these steps....
Right click at the task bar open area > at the popup box, click Toolbars > at the next popup box, UN-check Desktop.
Desktop is now gone.

Please tell me why you want those system tray icons removed.

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Thank you so much!
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You are welcome.


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