Windows 10 Taskbar and windows frezzes after sleep mode


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windows 10 Pro Taskbar and windows freezes for 1 to 2 min. after sleep mode and than all works fine.

Need Fix tried fixing Windows , a lot of stuff but no success .



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I would launch task manager or procexp and look at resource usage during the system wake. It may just be busy.

Task Manager shortcut [ctrl + shift + esc]


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Thank You,
I did check and looks okay. Tried sfc/scannow found problems, Tried DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /CheckHealth ,DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth did solve some problems and ran sfc /scannow came back no problems all good. but the after sleep mode same problem.


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I would like to Thank all that did look into this for their time . Internet shows lots of people that have this problem
but no fix another Microsoft Problem. So i will stop coming here to check on it and try to resolve other ways.

Thank You All and anything comes up i will let you know.


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Have you tried to sometimes log out, then keep "Shift" Pressed down while you click: Turn off??

That is a more complete shutdown then just clicking Shut down.. And in more than on occasion this does remove issues...

Thy it and see if anything changes with the sleepmode after doing this now and then.. (it´s fast, it´s cheep so why not try!?)


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Thanks for the update . So if you hold the shift key down and hit shut down computer shuts down . How would you know if anything
would change. Did try it at shut down for the nite. turned on today and still after sleep mode the Calendar on taskbar disappears and and windows will not respond for 1-2 min and " all is good after the 2 min. " Let me know.
Thank You.