Windows 7 Taskbar preferences??


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I cant seem to work out which way I like my taskbar set... How do you have it?
Large or small icons?
Single or double height?
Combine or never combine?

Large Icons
Single width
Always combine, hide labels

Light Blue
Transparency clicked off

Hey there,

I currently have the following setup:

Small Icons
Single Height
Combine (no labels)
Maximum Transparency (I messed around with the color settings until I could barely see the "bare" parts of the taskbar and left it there ;) )....


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Autohide - lol. I use desktop icon shortcuts.


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Im warming to a similar taskbar as djwayne except I only combine when full...

large icons
always combine (no labels)
black with a little transparency

and I got my taskbar on the right side of the screen. takes a little getting used to but then works really great! since I have a widescreen display (like most people I guess) I find the screen to be used better that way - you have more space for your applications.

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