Windows 7 Taskbar problems


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I have come across some problems with the taskbar. I've pinned iTunes, Steam, Portal, Team Fortress 2 and Audiosurf (along with other things). The first day everything was working fine, but now there's problems. iTunes has the "unrecognizable file type" icon. When I click on Steam a new icon appears and it uses the half life icon and everything with steam is with the new icon. When I click on Portal and Audiosurf the same icon pops up at the end (so there's 2 icons for Portal or Audiosurf). The same thing happens with Team Fortress 2 but it uses the icon from Team Fortress classic. I don't even have that game. It doesn't really bother me, but I was wondering if there any fixes to it, because all the other programs I pinned to the taskbar are working correctly.
isn't cs running as "hl.exe -game cstrike" ? so then it would be logical if it pops up as the Half-Life icon. same thing goes for team fortress. not sure about portal, I think that runs seperatly but is only using the HL2 engine.
I don't have CS. it's nowhere on my comp.
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yeah..that's what it's doing.
icons are
itunes, steam, steam (opened), audiosurf, portal, tf2, audiosurf (opened)
Hmmm......that's weird.... I had a similar problem (Steam worked fine, no icon problems) but once I installed Geometry Wars, anything Steam-related had the GW icon. After a little head-scratching, I realized that GW was pinned to the start menu.... so I unpinned it. BINGO! It's a beta so these things are to be expected.

Try back-stepping and look at the start-menu as well as the desktop and taskbar.

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