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Could the BSOD Stickies be consolidated in to one post? It would be easier for the OP to get info on the things we would like to see.


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I actually think that this is a wonderful idea.
By consolidating the following three
just the pertinent data and some attention to instructions
like Captain Jack's tool = run as administrator
CPUz = all SPD tabs
RAMMon = export html report and zip
I think it would be very helpful and simplify any reference that might be needed by either OPs or helpers.
Maybe preserve the name "Every Thread Starter, Please Read":
Then unstick the old ones to save any confusion.
Good thinking Elmer!


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Actually there is a bit of redundancy built into this approach, since I think if we can Just get everyone to run the SF Diagnostic Tool, I believe it goes out and gets the contents of the C:\Windows\MiniDump folder as part of its' process. So maybe we could concentrate on an emphasis on that and the Memory (CPU-z / RAMMon) stickys and that might be sufficient. Although it's probably still a good idea for the OP to know where and how to get his latest (most recent) dumps so he's not re-running the tool everytime just to add his latest file(s).


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Thanks Shyam, nice job, much easier to reference now.
If only we can get folks to follow it and quit attaching their dump files individually and maybe even get them to fill out their system specs in their profile.
What? I can dream can't I? My glass is alway half something.

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