Tearing my hair out.

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Hardware' started by mitchcorp, May 1, 2012.

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    Problem signature:
    Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
    OS Version: 6.1.7601.
    Locale ID: 1033

    Additional information about the problem:
    BCCode: 1a
    BCP1: 0000000000003452
    BCP2: 000007FEFF62E000
    BCP3: FFFFF70001081040
    BCP4: 0000000000000000
    OS Version: 6_1_7601
    Service Pack: 1_0
    Product: 768_1

    Files that help describe the problem:

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    Hey guys, new here.

    MY brother has just built me this new pc and I keep getting this blue screen about every 30 minutes or so, does anyone have any ideas? i tried searching for the error code but I could not find much relating, sorry Iv'e come to you I'm not very technologically literate and my brother has headed back home interstate :( thanks for your time!
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    The Bug check code, 1a, seems to be related to memory management.

    Bug Check 0x1A: MEMORY_MANAGEMENT (Windows Debuggers)

    There is a BSOD forum here with a sticky that describes how to get help for a BSOD. You might look at that and attach the appropriate files and do some of the tests, like memtest.

    Was the system doing this before your brother dropped it off with you? Have you added or installed anything yourself?

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