Windows 7 The Computer Restarted Unexpectedly or Encountered an Unexpected Error.


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May 12, 2009
Last night I downloaded the new Windows 7 from the Microsoft site. Burned it to a disk.
I was running Windows Vista Ultimate 32 Bit so I put the disk in picked the upgrade option... it did all the stuff its supposed to then restarted the computer and began to load the new windows... after it was finished or just about to finish it restarted.

Now when the computer restarts I have three options to choose from
Windows 7
Windows 7 Roll Back
Windows Vista Ultimate (Recovered)

So I figured it had installed properly so I select "Windows 7" It starts up the little nice thing on the screen makes the windows logo opens to a blue screen with a little white hummingbird and then prompts this error message.
"The computer restated unexpectedly or encounter an unexpected error windows installation can on proceed to install windows click "ok" to restart the computer and then restart the installation."
So you do that and it goes to the windows 7 roll back and then you a get a screen with this message " The upgrade was not successful windows will now roll back and install your previous operating system." there is a little progress bar at the bottom of the screen it goes over 1/3 of the way then the computer just restarts and its back to the same stupid messages its stuck in a never ending loop it did this all last night.

So I figured to hell with it i will just pick vista and go back to what i was using before but low and behold... you click vista and it loads normal like vista and then pops up to this blue screen from windows 7 again with the same message about the installation didn't work and you should restart and install again.

You try to load any in safe mode and it says you can complete the installation in safe mode and kicks you back out.

Not to happy about this and loosing my information well its not lost yet because its still all on the hard drive but I can't get any operating system to boot... I have a second hard drive I am going to wipe clean but I would prefer to get this one working because all my email and important business information is on it and its not starting any windows now.

I and almost everyone here says that the "clean" install is the only way to go.

Unfortunately I think this is a good example why you should not go with the upgrade option.:)

Wait for some other posters, but If it was me, I'd completely start over again and do a "clean" install

I did a clean install on a different hard drive worked perfectly and then was able to recover the files screwed up during the install windows 7 hides them in some folders and you can still get most of them recovered...


Glad to hear you got it:)

Had exactly the same issue, needed to fresh install Win7. Thanks for your support

I had the same problem when doing a clean install with upgrade.

Tried both 32 bit and 64 bit and both gave me the same error after completing the installation. When doing a clean install with upgrade disc. The fix was that there was two optical drives plugged in, I unplugged the one I wasn't using for install, tried again. Then it worked. Now just plug back in the second optical drive after the install is complete.

Re: I had the same problem when doing a clean install with upgrade.

This is a common problem the steps outlined on my blog will get you through the Link Removed