Windows 7 The List: Pros and cons of 7 vs. older os's


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I think we need to start a list of what exactly is diffrent between win 7 and other os's that ms has made. I had someone ask me whay made windows 7 better, and I didnt really have an answer for them.

(So ignore currently known beta issues with 7, we assume ms will fix those.)

I will start the list


Same system requirments as vista, and systems have gotten faster in the last two years, so sffectivly the requirments are more achevable.

Faster boot time

Sleep, And shutdown actually sleep and shutdown, not some weird naming system like vista.

The toolbar provides more eye candy, and user feedback (for better or for worse)

Less annoying notification system

Gadgets are off by default


Control panel has no "classic view"

Feel free to add, especially to the con list, I know their are more.

Compaire to win xp and vista....



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The Control Panel does have a classic view. You just click "All Control Panel Items" and bam.


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The best thing by far is that in both mp12 and media center visualisations play in FULL screen, i have a 24 inch hdmi monitor and now i have no black bars on the bottom or top, it fills the whole screen. awesome watching G-Force.!!
No welcome center,what a relief that is.
They should have kept windows mail and not put that horrible looking live rubbish in.
Boot time after a restart is far superior.
They should have kept the aero button as in vista.
Copy and paste is far quicker,twice as fast as vista.


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The Control Panel does have a classic view. You just click "All Control Panel Items" and bam.

OK well im getting at they moved everything around, And all the options are diffrent, I expect this with windows 7, but So many people are used to "classiv view"

Personally they need to do away with having two views for the same place, Its rather confusing, I would like one place for it all.

Keep posting the pros and cons,

My friends dont see any reason to ever upgrade from xp, and its beginning to bug me :p

On a side note, I was restoring a pc which had xp service pack one on it today, All i can say is WOW, we have come a long way. Everyone says vista is horrible....

Anyone remember xp pre service pack one? what a pain in the !!


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Alot of these "cons" can't even be called cons as they sound more like driver errors or hardware errors to me.. example: Shutdown takes a really long time.. sorry to say but no it doesn't unless you've got something running in the background that windows is shutting down before it shuts down itself, or you have a driver/hardware error that may be decreasing overall performance in the first place....

Also as Iroken22 said, there is a "classic view" in control panel and it's very easy to get.. ;)

I think the pros of Windows 7 speak for themselves.. :) as far as the cons go.. well.. I don't think I'm going to list any yet as I'm going to give Microsoft a month or two and see what updates/changes we get in that time, then I'll list what I think are some cons in Win 7..


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I agree with Radenight.

Also, shutdown/restart and startup are faster on this than any other MS OS I've used (or even the Ubuntu linux distro for that matter), at least on my computer.

I find all the options are easy to discover and concisely labeled (muuccchh better than the vaugities of XP). The only thing I wish is if they'd been more upfront on how to resize desktop icons instead of requiring a user to know to hold ctrl and use the mouse wheel.


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My personal list:

Faster than Vista or XP
Takes less disk space than Vista
Superbar is better than the older style taskbar.
quicklaunch is gone
connecting to the internet is much easier
More secure (Obviously)
Aero peek is very useful
No more WMP toolbar, it's included in the thumbnail.
Hidden icons on the taskbar open up into a bubble instead of across the taskbar
UAC is easier to tune
Desktop peek is very useful
Quicker boot time
compatible with Vista drivers (Good for legacy devices)
Lower system requirements than Vista (Honestly, 1 GHz with 1GB of ram is unusable on vista, and easily usable on 7)
Quick install (~15-20 mins)
Less bloat (Removed a lot of junk programs like movie maker and Outlook)

As in Vista, no option to let your battery run out completely, giving us with laptops more battery "memory" issues.
Hibernate and Standby still suck.
Superfetch still sucks.
Remote Differential Compression makes file transfers take forever and is on by default
WLM should still have an icon in the tray.


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My impression is that W7 is a cross between Vista and XP. It has Vista's look and feel, with XP's speed and runs rock solid.

I'm really looking forward to getting the final version of W7 and putting it on my newer/faster computer.


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For this time, I just would like to lists my Cons

One thing I do not like of W7 is: when we copy a file into another folder that already have the files with same name, W7 will automatically rename it. I like XP or Vista because when we do so, XP and Vista will asks us whether to re[place or to rename.

Another thing I do not like of W7 is, I cannot find "search" menu. I have more than 1.250.000 files in my hardisk (70.000s are documents, 7.000 are songs and ,150.000 are pictures, and 1.000.000 files are html files (as offline website)

The distance among the icons in taskbar is too far and we cannot adjust it. With that distance between the icons, we can put 15-17 icons and active programs.

Lists will be added or updated later.