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Windows 8 the random cursor motion is still alive and jumping


New Member
Feb 12, 2013
my cursor jumps all over the place. originally I had W7 installed with word starter but the cursor jumps wherever typing occurs. I reinstalled w7 to no avail. I installed W8 pro and office 2010 pro - the cursor motion is still present. disabling the built in mouse does nothing.

I asked the same question on this forum about one year ago and found individuals with the same cursor problem questions all to no avail and many suggestions did not work. At one point when I was searching for solution to another problem and was asked to express anymore problems and when I reported the cursor problem I was told that was a company wide problem that was later denied by another group.

any suggestions ?
Is this a laptop or desktop? Have you updated all your drivers including your BIOS?
As bassfisher6522 mentions, a little more info about you system might help. What type/brand of mouse is it and how is it connected?

Does it happen all the time, or can you tie it to some action performed on the system?

How does it jump, erratically, or does it jump to a specific location?

If it is USB have you tried a different port? If it is wireless, could anything be interfering with the signal?

Have you cleaned the movement detector lately?