Things in wrong places

Yep, it is marked save to downloads.

Then when you check the downloads folder there's nothing there? Did you use that link I gave to show you how to reset your libraries folder to their default settings?

I just went to History - show all history - and there was a download file in there and it had that list of downloads in there. But every time I clean the cache, it would clean that out too. Those downloads were only from July 27 forward.
Last week my hp printer tech took over my computer as "an assist" and i saw that he downloaded something then went to a place where their were a bunch of my downloads, not just the ones under history.
If I reset my libraries, I am afraid I will lose stuff. Also, remember I told you a while back I couldn't find "desktop", that is probably because it was under pictures (kind of hidden).
I am not sure what to do here. I have never gone back to downloads.


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I have been re-reading your original post concerning the quote below. The two locations you are referencing are the same physical Downloads folder in your Users\YourUser\ folder. You should be able to open both instances at the same time and compare.

In my download file there are only 5 items. If I try to put my downloads from my picture files into my download file, that file disappears off my desktop.
The entries in the favorites and Libraries sections are just links, not the actual folders. You can remove the location from the library and it will not delete any files. Actions you take with the libraries folder open, like deleting or renaming, do take place in the actual folder. If you are worried, create a new folder and add files to it and then add that folder to the library. You can remove and play with that until you feel confident about how things work.

If you cannot find files you have downloaded, try changing the download location in Firefox. Once you know it is downloading correctly, change it back. I am using FireFox 23.0 and on the upper right, there is a down arrow. If you left click and select Show all downloads, you will have an option to go to the download location by right clicking the particular file. If it does not take you to the location, the file is not still in that location. You can then remove it from your history.

You know the files I am missing are all the "setup' files like "chromesetup", other setups that I don't know what they mean, just a whole slew of items. Wish I knew where that tech found that folder!!!
I do have things downloading to my download folder and i checked by downloading FF. Would deleting my history delete all the downloads and setups? I tried the arrow on FF and it shows that list of downloads.


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Deleting the download history does not delete the downloads. But you must remember, some installers can be Run as opposed to Downloaded. It you Run them, they will probably not show up in the Downloads folder, but may be in a Temp folder, which are where such things are kept. If you open a .pdf file but do not download, it will probably be in the temp folder. Look in Your User folder \AppData\Local\Temp. AppData is a hidden folder so you will have to set the folder view options to show those.

On that list of downloads in FF, select one of the downloads and right click, or click on the small folder icon on the right then open containing folder. If you have Explorer set to show the full path, you will know where that file is.

Wasn't sure what to type in to get to my appdata as far as my name goes, but i went to the list and went to the little folder icon on right and it took me to the page of just the 6 downloads or so that I have. How do i know if i have explorer set to show full path.
Saltgrass - is this even important? Do I need those setup folders and downloaded stuff? most of the downloads are pictures that I am seeing now.
You aren't able to take over my computer, are you?

No matter what I type as far as C:\users stuff it says file cannot be found. If this isn't important to the use of my computer, I say forget it. It just bugs me not to understand stuff, but in this case, I will have to settle. Thanks.

I THINK I FOUND THEM!!!!! I have many of them in my recycle bin. They were in a totally different named folder. I don't know what made me look in there. But the weird sounding files were there. NOW, where should i put them/????

The one the HP tech put in there isn't there, but does that make a difference. I have also attached what my library looks like. Is everything where it should be?


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If they are in the recycle bin, you can restore them to where they were. But I would try making a new folder and place them there for a short period just to make sure you really need them.

Glad you found what you needed.

Your Library folder is OK. If you want to remove the Downloads and Desktop folders from the Pictures Library, just select them and right click to choose Remove location. Then go up to Favorites and select it and right click for Restore favorites link. The three actions will put you back the the default configuration.

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Lost my downloads again, didn't do anything to them or move them - frustrating. Oh well, didn't you say I didn't really need them?

Here is a new pic of my library. Is it right now/


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You probably don't need them, but did you restore them from the recycle bin? Are they still in the recycle bin?

You Library looks good, but it might make any difference when the 8.1 update hits, it rearranges the listing and does away with the separate Libraries listing.



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Hi Patti:
Sorry to see you are having difficulties. I had almost the same problem you are having earlier this week with a Customer who bought a brand new HP Pavillion Win8 laptop. He decided to setup the laptop and connect it to the Internet himself instead of me doing it. :headache:

After resolving the problem, I found out that when he first turned the laptop on out of the box and created a Windows Live ID to his Yahoo! Email account, Win8 came up and asked him where he wanted his Library files to be saved. He chose "Cloud Drive", not knowing what that meant! :nerves:

What he did was DISABLE the ability for his computer to save or move any files into the Library folders in his Win8 laptop! That included the 4 basic folders; DOCUMENTS, PICTURES, MUSIC, VIDEOS. :insanity:

The fix for this turned out to be the fix that Bassfisher recommended to you in Post #3 of this thread. It was a 2-minute operation and fixed everything! :up:

After reading your thread, and I hope I didn't miss anything, you might consider having your laptop rebuilt and start over. You Library folder structure looks correct, but there seems to be exterraneous links. This might be a result of the "too many cooks in the Kitchen" syndrome. The HP tech obviously did something he shouldn't have and that may have resulted in file index corruption of your windows. There are a number of commands that may be able to fix that. However, why should you have to fix a problem HP created! :iee:

I believe you mentioned this was a very new laptop. It will be covered by the Manufacturer's Warranty during the 1st year. I would take it to the place you bought the laptop from and have them backup your data and re-image your laptop from the built-in Recovery Partition or Discs and start over. After the repair, take the laptop home, do some test downloads and make sure they are going into your correct Downloads folder in your Libraries sub-folder.

After you get that working, you might also consider making a separate DOWNLOADS folder under the Libraries-->Documents folder. Then, copy or move any new downloads you use to get your repaired laptop running with your programs again there. Once Internet Explorer and Firefox are both saving to the original DOWNLOADS folder, you can copy or move the ones you think you might need in the future to the new Downloads sub-folder, and delete the unneeded ones from the DEFAULT downloads folder.

This is how I deal with the weirdness associated with the Libraries-->Downloads folder. I make another similarly named folder and copy stuff I want to keep in their. Since I rebuild computers for a living, I have to keep this straignt on any number of customer computers--I always do it this way. I almost never use downloads from the Customers default Libraries-->Downloads folder, as they often go to the wrong places on the Internet to download programs and are full of viruses! This little trick will help you from all the junk that accumulates in your downloads folder. I suggest that from time to time you delete all the downloaded files and other stuff in there and sent it to your recycle bin, empty the recycle bin and get it the heak off of your computer! :blow:

I also noticed you had to call HP to get some printer problem fixed. You didn't mention what the printer problem was, nor the Model #, but the rebuild may also fix that problem so that when you get the laptop back from your repair, after you see your download folder and libraries are working properly, then install your HP printer software. Ensure you only download that software DIRECTLY from the HP website or use a Factory HP disk that came in the box with the printer.

**THIS IS IMPORTANT HERE:** after you download your HP printer software or insert your HP printer disc, make sure to disable your Security or Anti-Virus and Firewall programs on your laptop, otherwise the HP printer software will get blocked and seen as a possible threat to your Windows8. If you fail to do this, you will most likely get a failed printer install, and will have to call HP or a good computer tech to fix for you. And if they mess, up, you can have your Windows all messed up once again. I have many Customers who have done this not knowing they have to disable their security software prior to installing their printer software, and it's often not recoverable.:peace:

One last thing, I didn't see you mention what brand laptop you have, but if you happen to have a HP laptop, make sure you have a set of RECOVERY DISKS made. If your retailer didn't give to you, or you bought the laptop from the Web, you need to create a set. Problem is, with HP, you only get 1 shot at doing that. If you do it wrong, or you try to do it, and HP tells you it was already created and you cannot run a 2nd set of RECOVERY DISKS again, you have a big problem. I strongly suggest you try to make those disks yourself, or get a knowledgeable computer tech to help you do that. If the hard drive in your new laptop crashes, and have to replace it, you will no longer have the built-in Windows8 factory RECOVERY image on your hard drive to reload Windows from, and without disks you will have to either call HP and wait 1-2 weeks for a set to be mailed to you, ship your laptop off to HP, or if you bought from a major computer store chain like Best Buy, they may have the right software on hand to recover your exact model; but usually not. :cry_smile:

I don't want to alarm you into doing all this; but just want to let you know it's a last resort measure if all else fails with your download folder repair attempts. This will definitely fix it! :thumbs_up:

Best of Luck.


Wow - a lot of info there. Right now I have the recent downloads and will see how that goes. I am printing out your message and will go through it one by one.
Thank you so much!!

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