Thinks my monitor is a second monitor?

After installing from xp, i was installing up until the restart after completion of installation. then it starts up as if windows would normally start up, but then the screen turns black. I still have a mouse though, so I toyed with it a little and pushed 'alt tab' and then 'alt down down enter' to move the active window, and dragged it from the far left of my monitor onto the black screen, and it's says something about a name for my computer, but i can't type anything in. i pushed escape and did the same thing again and another window explaining the difference between standard profiles and administrators. Even x'ing that out i still only can pull that window over. I'm at a loss what to do so any helps appreciated

and i know the black screen came up for a few people but i didn't see people who were able to bring windows over


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Thats a strange problem you have. You could try pushing the windows key + E to bring up the control panel window, and if its not in your main window try pushing the windows key + left/right a couple of times to move it to the screen you can see. From there you should be able to adjust your display properties.

hmm i tried that, but It still is in setup to the first install. the only window i can drag is the account profile description box. I've tried typing stuff, pushing guesses as to enters and tabs but to no avail heh


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Maybe you will have to boot back to the install disk, format and try again.
Does the resolution look normal on the windows you can see?

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