Windows 8 This all started with my email getting screwed up but now I'm getting this message?


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May 25, 2009

I've been having trouble with Live Mail today but now I'm seeing something else that I've never seen before.

This message...

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I'm getting this message anytime I try to download or install anything!
Anyway anyone know what this message means?

My internet connection is working fine but I'm having problems getting Live Mail to connect as well and it may have something to do with Windows trying to check if it's ok or not.

I installed Thunderbird and I'm getting my mail fine through that.


Hi Mike,

I've seen that on a few attempts on previous apps on DP & CP, click on "More Info" and it should open to another window allowing you to install/open the app.
The only other way I know to get rid of that is to remove the program and all it's features and re-install it.

Hope this helps

Hi, Mike;
Have you recently switch your login account from a Microsoft account to a local account?
When you say "Live Mail" do you actually mean Live Mail, or the Metro Mail, Live tile?
As Don reports above, when this has happened to me before, I had to uninstall "Mail" which takes a few other things with it and then reinstall it and everything was OK again.

Hi Guys

What happened was that I tried to send an email message that failed to go.

I think it was a problem with one of the PDF files attached, maybe it just went over the size limit but I couldn't get it to stop trying to send the message every time I ran Windows Live Mail, (not the Windows 8 app.) so I looked at the Microsoft Help site and it said that I had to switch Live Mail to offline mode, then the Outbox appeared and I was able to delete the message.

I restarted the program and tried to restart Online Mode, but it wouldn't do it, the message "Do you want to switch to live mode" just comes up over and over.

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Once in a while I get the Live Mail cannot connect to the internet, it may be being blocked by your firewall or some other program.

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I also notice that all my messages in my inbox have red flags on them, I never noticed this before.

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In spite of the fact that it says it can't send or receive messages the messages that I send go through but the ones I should receive don't show up.

I have installed Thunderbird and it is working normally both send and receive.

Like I said it all started because of the one message I couldn't send.

Now I'm seeing that Smart Screen message when I try and do a number of things.
I think the first time was when I downloaded Thunderbird.

As Don said you can tell it to do whatever any way and it will do it, but I think this may have something to do with my mail not going through.

I reinstalled over the current Live Mail install and it didn't change anything.

I don't know anything else to do except remove it completely and start over.
If I'm going to have to do that I may just stick with Thunderbird instead of setting up Live Mail all over again.


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It looks more like an internet problem, than an Email problem. But. This once happened to me in Live Mail, whilst using Windows 7. In my case, I was able to quickly pin it down. I had just completed a bios update, always a scary business for me!. So that was the area I looked at. I discovered that the Bios date setting needed to be corrected - still no joy. Then I noticed that the OS clock had not corrected itself and was actuall showing a very old year. I manually adjusted this and was back in business.

I guess I'll just delete it and start over, this is the third of forth time.

OK, I uninstalled it with Revo Uninstaller and then reinstalled it.
It still did the same thing.

I rebooted Uninstalled it again and the reinstalled it again.

When I opened it all my e-mail showed up at once, it's online and seems to be working normally.
And I don't have to rebuild all my contacts.


Hi Mike;

With Windows Live Mail, once installed and you open it, you have to choose yes to go online and sign in with your Windows ID, (your first image in post #4) it will then ask to add your email account to WLM, which will sync your settings from the last time you used WLM. Once you've done that, you'll never have to sign in to read your email again and I think the only time you will have to sign in, is to send email, I forget if I have to do that, but I do know you can do everything else without signing in, just open it up.
The "Red Flags" are just reminders of important emails which will keep them on top of all other messages, you can change that once you have it running ok, just by clicking on the flag in the "Message List"

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Hope this helps

After reinstalling every thing is back to normal!