This is a test...


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HiI'm just testing.I answered in another post and it removed all my line spacing no matter what I did.Mike Ok it did it here too! Weird!

everything looks OK with this post.

1st line
2nd line
3rd line


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I've had some problems with pasting. Doing it, and then pressing Enter > try to get a new line > it jumps "wherever"... and pasting bold text, it's nigh to impossible to get normal text after that.

Line 1. In normal writing, no problems.
Line 2. Still no problems.
Line 3. The saga continues...


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On the reply window, there is the A/A option on the menu. You might try using that to change to a different mode to see if it helps. I have gotten where if I run across the situation where the bold won't turn off, I can use that and manually change the codes.

It does make a difference if you are running Windows 8 as to whether you can use the standard editor or wysiwyg.


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I think this may have been because I disabled JAVA in Chrome.

I'm going to try it now and see if it works correctly.

I tried earlier today and it was still not working now I'm trying with JAVA enabled.

Here's how my screen appeared without JAVA....

Forum Message.JPG

Notice that the options to upload photos etc, are gone as it the option to select mode.

So here goes!


Ok that seems to be it, no JAVA no line spacing???
I don't get it.

I just saw in another post that someone said they don't have JAVA installed.

If I'm not mistaken!

A browser comes with certain Java elements by default that can be enabled or disabled. By installing Java you would be increasing the database of Java elements available for any Java based Webpage to use.

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