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Windows 8 This isn't about Windows 8, more about computer idiocy, but it's funny!


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May 25, 2009
Hi Everyone.

I was trying to register on the American's Elect web site when I got to the security questions.
This one really got me...

"What time were you born, rounded off to the nearest hour, example 21."

I typed in 24 because I was born just before midnight.

I got this response.

"The answer must contain at least 4 characters."

Oh well I finally gave up anyway, the most popular proposed candidate is Buddy Roamer.

I don't think this is going to work.

Sounds like perhaps they wanted to prepare and send you a very detailed horoscope report based on your exact time of birth.
Maybe they were looking for 0000 or 2400. Nice that they provided a two digit example and then demanded a four digit answer. Clever
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The computer is not idiotic, it is the people who put such stuff up. I always get mad when I get some erroneous mail (bill, etc.) and when I call they tell me that "the computer" made a mistake. They usually do not appreciate when I explain that they are morons.