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    I just got this strange email message.

    This guy claims to be the innovator of MagicJack and wants people to donate to cover his medical costs...


    Why he would be asking me for money is beyond me, I don't and have never had a MagicJack or anything to do with them.

    He's only asking for a dollar, (and I assume your credit card info) but I can't believe anyone would fall for this.

    I ran a search of the guys name and MagicJack and got no hits.
    That must mean not only did the guy have nothing to do with MagicJack but this must be very new!

    It has an attached PDF file, (supposedly a news story about him) which I have no intention of opening.

    I'm going to delete this and run Malwarebytes.

    I'll run a search again tomorrow and see what I get.

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