Windows 7 Thumbnails not working


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May 30, 2009
Ok so this is the problem:
My thumbnails have stopped working,all of the sudden I see the paint and brush symbol on each picture in each folder.

So far i have tried the following: going to folder options and to the View tab,then unchecking always show icons,never thumbnails several times... (no luck)

then i have tried setting a default for .jpg and .jpeg to windows photo viewer (no luck)

i have tried pressing right click>>>refresh ...nothing

there is the tab for size of the icons (medium,large,tiles,icons and etc...) when i change them fast with my mouse,i actually see the thumbnails ''refresh'' and sometimes 1 picture out of 20 is showing like a picture,not a paint and brush icon

ofcourse when i exit the folder it vanishes (so i guess something is wrong with refreshing...)

this has happened to me once,and it somehow started showing the pictures its there again,and i cant seem to fix the problem

oh,and i have tried disk cleanup,and checking the Thumbnails to make them luck

so if any of you would have some general pointers on what should I do...ur more than welcome

Hello and welcome,

try going to Control panel > Folder Options, then click the View tab and make sure Display the icon on thumbnails is checked.

Are you're looking for the preview on the right hind side of Windows Explorer?

if so, open an Explorer directory with a graphic file in it, the look int he upper right side next to the Help icon, and you'll see Show the preview Pane.

i know about that..and i got no preview...ill upload the pic on imageshack...

here's the thing:
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I understand now.

This happen to me also when I edit a graphic file with my main graphics program.

try a different folder with pictures in it and see if the results are the same

it doesnt work on any folder...or in desktop

i remember pics on desktop had a thumbnail,it was possible to see what was the pic

now its just a paint and brush...everywhere
i tried everything...i even downloaded irfanview,,and tried setting it as a default .jpg viewer
still nothing,,,

Downloading a third party utility will not help as the feature to preview thumbnails is built-in the operation system in Windows 7.

Could you take a screen shot of the icon being displayed and attach it to your next post

i set the windows pic viewer as default and removed irfanview...

anyways i find this odd...if i change the slider (large,small,medium icons very fast)
i get a few thumbnails

so i guess its something with refreshing,,,

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Yes, that's what happens

They need time to load.

Consider the fact that these images could be over !MB inn size each. that why it takes so long.

Nice collection of music..Cactus, Caption Beyond, Bang, I grew up on that stuff:)

Have any Sir Lord Baltimore, UFO, SRC ot Taste?

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yep :D got UFO,cactus,cpt beyond,zepps,lucifer's friend....etc. :D

anyways they are really small .jpgs

i really have no idea what is causing this

So they are just thumbnail images of the album covers?

No reason why it would be lagging if that's the case.

well ye thats the problem

not any of the images would load...
and other folders look ''plain'' there used to be ''filled'' with pictures of content

the other day thumnbails came they are gone...i tried basically every thing ...i googled it to oblivion,none of the fixes work -.-'

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I'm assuming those music folders that you showed in your attachment are mp3 files, correct.

I believe you need a graphic in that directory named Folder.jpg.

Do you have these in all your folders?

i just thought of something

i got hidden files on,but i do not see Thumbs.db (file) in any folder

might that be the case?

and oh,my last attachment was a random folder i found (with installed games,music,movies...downloads...)basically a megamix...but each folder should not be so ''plain'' ,it should show picture of what it containes...for example i remember a folder having thumbnails in it...

It really shouldn't matter as the file is still there.

You may have to uncheck "Hide protected operating system files.

I right-click ed on my thumb.db, chose the Customize tab and there are a ton of features which really don't pertain to graphic files at all.

yep you are right,i unchecked it and i see thumbs.db

thumbs are ''there'' but they aint refreshing like they should be

once again,if i change sliders for icons real fast i get a few of them showing... Is there some registry hkey i can edit that involves Thumbnail refreshing?

Registry hack, not that I know of.

Have you tried hitting the F5 key?

ye,,f5 does the 2 arrows (refresh symbol)

or right clicking and hitting refresh

i dont get this problem -.-'