Thumbnails not working

These types of problems drive me nuts, too. If you have solved the problem, I would like to know what you did. If you didn't, I was wondering if you would:

Click "Start"
Click "Pictures"
Double-click the "Sample Pictures" folder (or something else if it is not there)
Right-click one of the pictures (preferably a .jpg)
Click "Properties"
Check what program the picture is set to open with
Click "Change"
Set it to "Windows Media Center"
Back out and check the sequence again to see if that picture then displays

If a picture has been set to open with a specific program, changing the default program for that file type doesn't always apply the change globally to all existing pictures, only to new ones. I'm not sure about Win 7 yet, but it would be interesting to check one picture, as outlined above, and see what the result is. It might provide a clue ... or not! Good hunting.

nop...still nothing

as i said before.I have tried several methods,and changing default was 1 of it...
I had this problem once,then my thumnails came back (computer was downloading California Jam over night,when i woke up i had all thumbs)

this seems to come and go,because when it ''fixed'' I did absolutely nothing

Im going crazy with the problem

EDIT: I find this pretty weird... (this is how every preview looks)

Now am I crazy or what? Only Arnold Judas Rimmer is shown in preview panel...Every other picture is blank (hill and lake)

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but each folder should not be so ''plain'' ,it should show picture of what it containes...for example i remember a folder having thumbnails in it...
Not for each and every folder.

Special icons are given to.....for example (in your profile:

Your username on the desktop

You can find these icons and many more in the shell32.dll and imageres.dll files in the System 32 directory

Sorry, I'm out of options, rather than a "clean" install.

its working now!

i did absolutely nothing...
take a look

i think it might be with free space on windows partition...i erased a game,that had 500 mb on my win drive (in my documents)

and now i got 1gb free again on C...after that it started working again

but the thing i dont get is: my temp folder is in other what the heck does win partition have to do with it?

By default, the paging file is placed on the "C" drive and it's automatically managed by the system. I suspect that your paging file size might have been limited by the large file you removed, hence the inability to render the .jpg in a timely fashion. There is more at:

How to configure the virtual memory in Windows Vista | Windows Vista for Beginners

if you want to read it. Anyway, I glad your problem is solved and that you let us know about it. Thanks!


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You also might want to look in the root of the C: drive for a file named hiberfil.sys.

This file could be as big as 3GB if you have your system Power Options set to allow hibernation.

You also might want to look in the root of the C: drive for a file named hiberfil.sys.

This file could be as big as 3GB if you have your system Power Options set to allow hibernation.
first thing i did was delete that file

i did the mistake of leaving my C partition 12gb

when i installed ''seven'' i got real low space,basically i got nothing on C partition but windows...everything else goes through other partitions...

But now i know,when Win7 release comes ill just make my C: 30 gb and thats that...

ill try the thing with file paging (i got thumbnails,and now when i know what is causing it,i can toy around for a fix)
ill try leave low space again on C: and change paging to other partition and go check if ill keep my thumbnails ^^

im sure there are others with the same problem as mine was,and they could not fix it


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Take a look after restarting and see if it was automatically generated.

I give my Windows 7 partition a size of 40 MB and install all my 3rd party apps to another partition.

ye it works after works constantly now

so we can close this topic as it seems...

oh,and changing paging file from this link that some1 posted: How to configure the virtual memory in Windows Vista | Windows Vista for Beginners works

so i guess it doesnt matter if temporary is on another partiton,but if windows partition has low disk space,you will be without thumbs...

thnx all,you have been much helpful


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Glad to hear you got it and thanks for posting back so we know it's resolved.:)


I have had a similar problem. I used google and found this thread which wasn't a lot of help !! Sorry !

Anyway after playing about I reset the filetypes that were not working, jpg, gif, bmp from associations with Corel X4 back to Paint. They all worked again. I have re-associated them back with Corel X4 and so far still seem to be working.

Maybe it may help someone else in the future who googles the same problem.

This looks a real handy forum so am glad I stumbled upon it.

On my computer running Windows 7 RC1 32-bit, explorer works fine. On .jpg, .wmv, .avi, ect when I have the icons (whatever size) option picked, the green progress bar will go across the top while it is getting a picture for the new files, but then the pictures show up just fine and the green bar goes away.

On a friend's computer, the exact same files in a directory (not one that has special permissions - just a plain old directory on the second hard drive) will not show thumbnail pictures in Windows 7 RC1 32-bit. The green progress bar at the top will never stop running (after 65 min for a directory with 4 .jpg files I hit the X at the end of the progress bar to stop it) and will only show a generic picture of a lake for .jpg files and a generic picture of something in the sky for .wmv, .avi, .mpg files or just a blank square.

We googled it and some suggested in explorer picking the options menu - folder options - view - and make sure "Always show icons, never thumbnails" was not checked. It wasn't. Neither of us have installed codec packs either.

I even copied a few files into a new test directory on his computer in case it didn't like the thumbs files XP had made in those directories. Still no thumbnails on his computer but when I copied that same directory to my computer, displayed just fine. I even put the View options windows side by side and made sure we had exactly the same options checked. The only one I had he didn't was show hidden files. I went ahead and made his show hidden files to, but no difference. Restore to default button didn't help either.

His is a fairly new install of RC1. When the RC1 came out, he did a dual boot with XP but stopped using RC1 for this same problem. Just a couple weeks ago, he deleted both XP and Win 7 RC1 boot partitions and just installed Windows 7 RC1 32-bit to make it a single boot Windows 7.

After reading this thread I unchecked the index box on all the drives and moved the swap file to a different drive even though there was 120 gig free on the drive it was on. Still no go on the avi or mpg or some wmv files, but the directories that are just .jpg work fine. Tried changing them to default open with VCL, Media Player Classic, and Quicktime. None of them would show a thumbnail and when switched back to Windows Media Player, it didn't either.

When I click on a dirctory with mpg or avi files, that green bar goes across the top and never stops unless you click the Stop Loading "drive or directory name" X, then the everything is back to the way it was till you reboot, even the .jpg files that were thumbnails a second ago.

Any way to not get that green bar at the top?
When the .jpg files are working right, even if it has the default image and it has to load the picture for the thumbs, I don't get that green bar. Once that green bar starts going, everything seems to start messing up. I cant even click on a different drive on the right hand side sometimes until I reboot.

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Sorry to bring back an old post, but had some info to add:

I was having the same problem on my computer. I implemented the page file modification, but didnt think that was the problem, as I am using a fairly fast computer with only C drive, 4gb of ram, and no other programs running.

I also found this Turn On or Off Thumbnail Display on Network Folders in Vista - The Winhelponline Blog Though this is to eliminate the thumbnails, I did the opposite. In my computer I went to "edit group policy" and then User Configuration | Administrative Templates | Windows Components | Windows Explorer. In there the top 3 settings have to do with thumbnails. They were all set to "not configured". So i changed them all to "disabled". This seems to have fixed the problem I was having.

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