Thwarting Key Loggers

Hi, guys. I'm wondering if by using the on screen keyboard I can avoid key loggers. I've been using OSK for typing passwords when accessing my banking sites and so far all has been OK. I just want expert opinion. Thanks. BTW, I also use a VPN.

Axel PC

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I'm no expert but I've heard the same thing about onscreen keyboards. I'd also be interested to hear others opinions about this too.


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The OSK will only defeat a hardware keylogger. Most software based keyloggers hook into the Windows messaging facility and can easily intercept the key presses. Now a web based OSK if your bank has one would be different and could defeat a keylogger.

OK. Understood. Thanks. So, using a VPN makes no difference? That being the case, is there any method that would work?


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The main feature of a VPN is it encrypts data in transit. All bank sites and many others use HTTPS which accomplishes the same thing. Good antimalware is about the only thing to protect you against key loggers. The good news is keyloggers generally use the same code to hook the keyboard messaging.

Thanks, Neemo. I'm using Windows Defender, which I know isn't your favorite program, but it seems to be working fine for me thus far. I previously had used Norton Security, which was also satisfactory. Do you think WD is satisfactory, or should I return to Norton or some other suite?

UPDATE. I did some checking and found that Windows Defender doesn't offer protection against keyloggers, whereas Norton Does. That being said, I'm going back to Norton. Thanks for the assistance.

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