Time to Shut-down

I would like to know what others are experiencing with shut-down time.
My machine was getting slower and slower (5 min. or more) until I did a Defrag
using the embeded application instead of using Power-Defrag which had worked
for me in the past, but not lately.
Now, I am getting a 1:05 time for shut-down, and a quicker start-up as well.
What times are others getting for shut-down?


My shut down times are pretty consistant.. ;) Haven't had any problems in that department at all really.. Shut Down on my main PC is about 12 seconds max.. Boot up on my main PC is about 15-20 seconds max.. :)


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It takes me around 40-50 seconds to shutdown, my system backs up my RAMdisk to a HDD. Then it takes 7 seconds to boot :D


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I've got times of 35 seconds shutdown and 30 seconds to boot.

It's also checking an external USB that is permanently attached.


You and your SSD...Nice boot time;)


Try right-clicking on the taskbar before you shut down and see if there are unusual processes listed that you have closed, such as Internet Explorer (iexplor.exe) or Firefox (firefox.exe)


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Laptop - 20 sec shutdown, 40 sec boot.
Desktop - 20 sec boot, 8 sec shutdown.


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12 seconds to shutdown and 25 to startup again . I also have a seperate USB hardrive attached .

Takes too long

I don't know? Maybe I need better/faster HDD's; although I already have W.D. SATA 300 drives.
Actually, even with Vista, my startup was never better than 45sec. But shut-down was much faster than the 1min I now get.
I'll try a new clean install (when I'm more in the mood) and see if that helps.

What kind of drives are you guys using that give a 20sec or less boot time? That seems amazingly fast to me!



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Theres a bunch of other factors that can change your boot speed, like how fast your CPU is and how many programs you load on startup.
Type msconfig in the start menu and check what you have loading under the startup tab

A clean install with no programs will load a lot faster than an OS with lots of programs on it.


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That's true loathe.

I've looked over some HijackThis reports that were absolutely filled with unnecessary startup programs and I'm not talking 5 or 6, it's more like 10 or 12.


If you'd like to download HiJackThis, you can find it here:

[HijackThis 2.0.2

My boot times with Windows 7 have increased over Win XP slightly. About 40 seconds to boot up. Shutdown time is quick, about 10-15 seconds. With my XP machine I had 2 SATA drivs in a Raid 0 array, so that probably helped. Boot up was about 15 seconds.

Also, I originally installed Win 7 on an IDE drive cause I couldn't get it to find my SATA drive. The IDE boot time was about 5 minutes!! and I won't begin to tell you of the nightmare while using the OS on that drive. I may re-install Win 7 with Raid 0 now that I figured out how to get WIndows to see my SATA drives.

Boot time

I have cleaned up my start and services folders in msconfig, and changed the pre-fetch setting.
I am now down to <40sec start-up.
I'll try the clean-up apps posted and see if there is anything else I might do.

Thanks for the ideas!



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Nice job Rick:)

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