Touch no longer works on my touch screen


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I have Windows 10 enterprise on my home desktop computer. I have a Planar monitor that has touch capability. To make a long story short, touch worked in June 2019. It has not worked since. I moved last July and, not having found the right cables, connected the computer and the monitor with VBA, wich won't support touch. I have since fixed this by switching to an HDMI cable. I have asked Windows to install/upgrade the right dirver for all human interface devices multiple times, including uninstalling those devices. Planar says that no special driver is needed for my model monitor. However, it just does not work. MS has nothing on their site about this specific version of this problem. I think the problem is clearly a Windows update. Whatever driver they are now using for human interface devices has regressed and cannot do touch, but that's just my theory. Any suggestions? Thanks.


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Do you have the USB cable plugged in. Video cables in general don't support touch. Touch is almost always via a USB or serial cable.